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February 22 2015 Primm, NV

Binge Racing Takes First Place Win at 2015 SNORE King Shocks Battle at Primm

Binge Racing wins the Class 2000 1st place trophy in the season opener for the Southern Nevada Off-road Enthusiasts (SNORE) 2015 season.

The Battle at Primm is a two-day event which took place on February 21-22 in Primm Nevada and was sponsored by King Shocks.

Speaking about their first victory of 2015, Cary Jones, team owner and driver said "We knew going in that the course would be rough. Primm is almost always a race against the course more than against your competitors. We did a great job of sticking to our game plan and finished all five laps on both days. Even though we blew out a front ring and pinion on Sunday and lost our four wheel drive advantage half way through the race, Bryant (Layton) was able to bring it home for a checkered flag."

Cary Jones was at the wheel on Saturday along with co-pilot Bill Davis. Sunday saw Bryant Layton in the driver's seat with Ryan Zynda co-piloting for team Binge.

February 2 2015 Las Vegas, NV

Binge Racing Picks up Skull Rush as New Sponsor

Binge Racing announced today that they have picked up their first sponsor for the 2015 season. Skull Rush (www.SkullRush.com) has agreed to attend all team events for this season to film and produce short video promos and help push out social media materials for the team.

Skull Rush is an upstart extreme sports video recording, production, and hosting service provider. They may be found on the web at www.SkullRush.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SkullRushUSA

Binge Racing competes in the 2000 class with their famous Jeep Cherokee with past awards such as 2010 Lucas Oil Regional short course and 2011 Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (MORE) class 3700 championships under their belts. The team also donates time and energy each year to the "Powder Puff" race which generates money for breast cancer research at Cedar's Sinai Hospital. Binge Racing is beginning the 2015 race schedule self sponsored but are actively seeking sponsors to partner with for the remainder of the year.

January 19 2015 Las Vegas, NV

Binge Racing Team Back From Extended Break

Binge Racing spokesperson and team driver Bryant Layton announced today that Team Binge is back. After an extended break from racing which allowed for the team to focus on family and to get a team member back to health after a major accident, today it was officially announced that the team is preparing for an upcoming event. "We are prepping the Jeep for Battle at Primm" said Layton earlier today. "We didn't race as a team at all last year and we are all excited to get back in the Jeep after a long hiatus. We have Bill Davis returning after recovering from a major accident last year and have invited Ryan Zynga of Havasu City, AZ to join us as co-driver." says Layton.

The Battle at Primm will take place this year February 20-22 in Primm Nevada. The race is sanctioned by S.N.O.R.E. and kicks off their 2015 race schedule.

Binge Racing competes in the 2000 class with their famous Jeep Cherokee with past awards such as 2010 Lucas Oil Regional short course and 2011 Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (MORE) class 3700 championships under their belts. The team also donates time and energy each year to the "Powder Puff" race which generates money for breast cancer research at Cedar's Sinai Hospital. Binge Racing is beginning the 2015 race schedule self sponsored but are actively seeking sponsors to partner with for the remainder of the year.

August 29 2013 Las Vegas, NV

Binge Racing has invited Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham to join them as co-driver in the upcoming 2013 SNORE/MORE Chili Cook Off / Midnight Special race in Lucerne, California. Wheelz is an extreme wheelchair athlete from Las Vegas, Nevada who performs tricks adapted from skateboarding and BMX. Famous for the first ever back flip, appearances on the television show Thrillbillies, and tours with the Nitro Circus Live shows, Aaron has a passion for what he does. He wants to change the world's perception of people in wheelchairs, as well as helping everyone see his/her own challenges in a new way. This will be Wheelz' first adventure into desert off-road racing and he and his sponsors are excited. Binge Racing's Bryant Layton came up with the idea and luckily Aaron's busy schedule allowed time for the race. "We started talking about a replacement for our co-driver Bill Davis who was badly injured in a recent automobile accident. I got Bill on a conference call from his hospital bed and he said he would be honored to have Wheelz fill in for him at the next race." Aaron's response was "I'm so pumped man! lets do this! Thank you Bill and Bryant! Such an honor!". "We are the ones who are honored!" replied Layton. Binge Racing competes in the 2000 class with their famous Jeep Cherokee with past awards such as 2010 Lucas Oil Regional short course and 2011 Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (MORE) class 3700 championships under their belts. The team also donates time and energy each year to the "Powder Puff" race which generates money for breast cancer research at Cedar's Sinai Hospital. Binge Racing's sponsors are Alpha Video Surveillance, Gibson Exhaust, and Jonco Integrators.

July 9 2012 Reno, NV

Tough Day in Reno for Team Binge

We had a great time in Reno, arriving Thursday afternoon we checked in to the rooms and that night attended the Monster Energy VIP Party and had a great time hanging out with fellow racers. Friday morning found team Binge in full force downtown at Virginia Ave and Fourth St. With the All American BBQ festival going on and all the race trucks lined up for the public to see it was an incredible event!

After the greatest tech day ever it was race time. Saturday morning we got off the line about 10:30 am with Bryant driving and Bill in the co-driver's seat. The idea was to do a driver change each lap to keep everyone fresh. By mile 3 we had passed the competitor in front of us and were running strong. At mile 10 the boys ran into a baja bug that was stuck and blocking the course with no way to pass so the Jeep easily pushed him up the hill and they were able to continue. By mile 14 we had cooling issues and blew out a radiator hose inside the cab of the Jeep. After a two hour wait we were towed back to main pit and were able to make a repair and get back under way. We repeatedly had to stop and let the motor cool down and it made for a very long day for our crew. At mile 42 the line blew again and dowsed the drivers with scalding water. At this point we called the race because it became a safety issue. Unfortunately, we were in a place that HDRA was unable to retrieve us but they did send the helicopter up to deliver some drinking water. Our drivers were stranded for about seven hours and hiked over 10 miles to finally get rescued.

The Eldorado Fireworks 500 race in Reno was a newly cut course through the mountainous terrain just west of Reno. Originally scheduled to be four 103 mile laps, due to several roll-overs during pre-running, the course was shortened to 83 miles. During the race the course was shortened an additional 4 miles due to a pileup of cars that could not climb a treacherous hill near mile marker 36. Later on in the day, race officials shortened the course for class 2000 from four laps to two. There were no official finishers in class 2000 and more than 60% of all entries did not finish this race. Needless to say this was by far the toughest course we have ever run.

January 28-29 2012 Binge Racing begins the 2012 season with a second place finish. This weekend in Primm, Nevada there was plenty of action at the Redline at Stateline race put on by the new sanctioning body High Desert Racing Association. The team placed 2nd place in both Saturday and Sunday heats capturing the number 2 position in class for the event. "This year we are running in the new Class 2000 which is super competitive." Says team member Bill Davis. The class 2000 is an open sportsman class limited to having rear leaf springs. This event was filmed by both helicopter and ground crews for later network broadcast. Drivers and teams were interviewed both before and after the race. Binge Racing team members reported that they had a good race and were proud to finally conquer the course at Primm which has historically resulted in breaking the Jeep in every previous race there.

12/3/2011 Barstow, CA   For Imediate Relase:

Binge Racing Clasps Title for Class 3700 in the MORE Series

Binge Racing took 1st place in the MORE Holiday 200 in class 3700 unlimited Jeep. The annual race to benefit Toys for Tots boasted a great turnout this year and a heaping pile of new toys large enought to make Santa Clause proud was donated by all race teams. "This was probably the funnest race we ran all year," says team owner Cary Jones, "and it benefited a great cause." The team boasted 16 driver/co-pilot changes during the 200 mile race in Barstow, CA. "We put everybody on the team in the drivers seat and swapped co-pilots each lap as well." said Jones. The team wrapped up a class championship for the season and they are looking forward to an even greater season in 2012. www.bingeracing.com

7/18/2011 Barstow, CA   For Imediate Relase:

Binge Racing wins this weekend at the MORE Freedom 250

Binge Racing took 1st place in the MORE Freedom 250 this weekend in class 3700 unlimited Jeep. "We had a blast down in Barstow this weekend!" states Cary Jones, owner of the team. "I wanted to go out and have a 'fun' trip where we could get everyone from our crew in the Jeep. We wrist-banded nearly everyone in the crew and put people in the car that had never been in before. These guys work hard for us all year long and I wanted to treat them all to a little fun out on a live course." Team member Bill Davis got his first shot behind the wheel on lap three along with pit captain Kenny Knudsen as co-pilot. Matt Kouba also co-piloted for Jones on lap two for his first experience in a race. Jones says "They all did a fantastic job. We worked out a few bugs before the SNORE Midnight Special race, got some good experience, and I think it was just the shot in the arm the team needed." Look for the Binge team at the SNORE Midnight Special on July 30th and 31st in Primm NV. www.bingeracing.com

7/16/2011 Barstow, CA   For Imediate Relase:

Binge Racing enetered this weekend at the MORE Freedom 250

Binge Racing has announced they will be racing in the upcoming MORE Freedom 250. "We were scheduled to test and set up the new shocks next weekend and because Bryant (who lives in Barstow) is expecting the birth of his daughter any day, we decided to test down in Barstow. When I found out that MORE was running a night race, I thought it would be a good idea to get our crew some night racing experience so we can be prepaired for the SNORE race in a couple of weeks." says Cary Jones, team owner. www.bingeracing.com

5/16/2011 Las Vegas, NV   For Imediate Relase:

Brett Sloppy to drive for Binge Racing this weekend at the MORE 500

Binge Racing has invited Brett Sloppy to be the 3rd driver in this coming weekends MORE Royal Purple 500 in their class 3700 jeep speed. "With this weekends race being a long distance race we felt that adding a third driver to the line up will be helpful." says Cary Jones owner/driver of Binge Racing. Brett will be starting behind the wheel with Bryant Layton riding as navigator. The team and sponsors are really happy to have Brett with us for this race. "Brett is a great advantage for us, not only is a great driver, he also is a great fabricator and mechanic." says Bryant Layton Driver for Binge Racing. After Brett does the first lap, Cary Jones will take over the driving with Clayton Newman as navigator followed up by Bryant Layton behind the wheel with Bill Davis as navigator. Welcome back Brett! Binge Racing is sponsored by Black Knight Lighting, Slime, Bomber eyewear, Gibson Performance Exhaust, Sickcams.com, mwilsonphoto.com, deviate films, Speed Scene Live, General Tires, Dirt Freeks, Method wheels, and Hostle. www.bingeracing.com

5/14/2011 PLaster City, CA   Binge Racing places 2nd in this year's SNORE 250 in class 1450. Team owner Cary Jones says, "It was a great weekend for the team! Thanks to Craig Reynolds and his crew we had an epic day." The F150, owned by Reynolds suffered 2 flat tires in the 3rd lap and a loss of power steering in the final lap that took them out of an early 1st place lead. This week the team will be working extra hard in the shop getting the jeep prepaired for next weekend's MORE Royal Purple 500 in Lucerne CA.

3/26/2011 Moapa, NV   Binge Racing takes 2nd place at the 2011 Mint 400. With only 3 shocks and a transfer case that was stuck in 4 wheel drive low, the team was still able to pull off a second place. It was a long day but it was well worth it. "Mint 400, you are a dirty girl." states Bryant Layton, second driver. The course was very rough but even so the entire team had a blast and cannot wait until next year's Mint 400!

2/20/2011 Primm, NV   A disappointing weekend for Binge Racing at Battle at Primm. The team ended up 38th overall in the 1450 class out of 71 entries for the two-day event. "We had overheating issues both days," said team owner Cary Jones, "we broke a control arm on Saturday but were able to limp in to complete two laps. The crew took the Jeep back to the shop in Vegas and rebuilt the control arm and got her ready for Sunday's race but unfortunately we lost an upper ball joint before we finished the first lap." The Binge team says they are looking forward to the Mint 400 at the end of March.

2/6/2011 Parker, AZ   Binge Racing pulls off 3rd place at the JeepSpeed Winter Challenge. After battling with transmission problems most of the day and losing a piston 21 miles into the final lap, the team still finished in third place in class 3700.

2/4/2011 Parker, AZ   The Trophy Jeep gets bumped up to class 3700 Unlimited Jeep for the JeepSpeed Winter Challenge. "We had a little too much travel in the front and the rear", states team member Bill Davis "so they moved us up with the big boys."

1/27/2011 Jean, NV   Binge Racing completes testing of the Jeep in preparation for the upcoming race in Parker AZ. "Testing went flawless." states team member Clayton Newman, "the General Tires were amazing, the Gibson header sounded awesome." All the new additions seem to be working well and the Jeep is ready for action! The Parker 425 is scheduled for Saturday Feb 5th. As of today, there are already 18 entries for the JeepSpeed Winter Challenge.

12/22/2010 Las Vegas NV   Binge Racing “unofficially” launches their new website today.  http://www.bingeracing.com is up and running and about 70% finished according to Cary Jones, team owner today.  “We have our design team working on the site through the end of this week and anticipate 100% completion by this Friday” states Jones.  The site contains information about the team including upcoming events and schedule as well as team photos and a forum for fans to join in.


12/17/2010 Las Vegas NV   Binge Racing releases results today for the 2010 season for the 1496 / 1765 Jeep off-road race team.  The team competed in three separate events/series in 2010 including SNORE, MORE, and Lucas Oil Short Course races. 

    • SNORE racing series class 1450 – Binge Racing takes 7th overall in class for the season out of 96 total entries.  The 1450 class is a nearly unlimited class and the 1496 Binge Racing Jeep is running a stock 6 cylinder 4.0 liter jeep motor and 10 inch travel front suspension up against full and mid-size trucks with modified  V-8 motors and suspensions with twice the travel.
    • Lucas Oil Short Course Series at Glen Helen class 1450 – Binge Racing takes 1st overall for the season in class.  Bryant Layton piloted the Jeep to a season victory and 1st place trophy for 2010.
    • M.O.R.E. Powder-puff Race for the Cure class 1700 – Binge Racing takes 1st place in class 1700 this year for the 5th Annual event in Barstow California to raise money for breast cancer research.  Kat Wilson of mwilsonphoto.com piloted the 1765 Jeep to a victory and the only vehicle in class to finish all three laps of the race.


    12/13/2010 Las Vegas, NV   Cary Jones formally announced today the new name for the Jeepspeed racing team.  BINGE RACING was decided upon during a great weekend of racing at the 2010 SNORE Rage at the River three-day event in Laughlin Nevada.  “Webster’s dictionary defines binge as ‘an unrestrained and often excessive indulgence’ which is a good explanation for why we love this sport so much” says Jones, who is the owner and prime sponsor of the team.